Daniel-A Grand Day Out!

Daniel-A Grand Day Out!
Royal College of Chiropractors

At the beginning of February I attended the Royal College of Chiropractors (RCC) Annual General Meeting, held in the impressive building that is home to the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London. Returning to this years AGM holds very special memories for me as it marks the one year anniversary of me receiving the Graham Heale Award for Outstanding PRT Candidate of the year. This years AGM marked another momentous and no less special occasion in my career, but this time in the field of research.

Some of you may be aware, that I have been working on a number of research projects outside of my regular clinic hours. Research is something that sparked an interest very early on whilst I was still in my final year of University and has continued through into my career as a Chiropractor. The project in question has been in the making for nearly 2 years and almost didn’t get underway due to an initial lack of interest (there are only so many times your emails can be ignored). Thankfully, one physiotherapist in one premiership football club took an interest (Thank you Huw!!). Since then we have received nothing but support from them in going forward with the research.

Following 2 days of data collection, 6 months of injury surveillance from the Physiotherapy department at the football club and a painstaking analysis process, we were able to assess the relevant data and look for correlations. Due to the quality of our findings, the project was accepted to be presented at the RCC Annual General Meeting in a poster form. This was a massive step to enable us to go forward with this project, however still only a small step in achieving my end goals. These results are going to be fed back to the club in question this week and I cannot wait to share our findings in detail with them.

Anyone who works in the chiropractic/medical field strives to practice with an evidence based focus, meaning they use treatments that have been proven during research projects, this is why my interest in research is so significant, as these findings and the findings of other research guide us to provide the best treatments and improve patient care and outcomes. The aim of the
research I am currently working on, is to establish if there are any specific pre season tests that can predict a players risk of injury. Any tests that predict injury can save a lot of heart ache for the player concerned and ultimately save the clubs financially, as they will be able to focus their treatments on the areas highlighted in the pre season testing.

When we have completed the research, we will be giving you an update on the findings of this exciting and extensive study. So watch this space.


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