• Fantastic… My body was clearly not firing properly, my running had been affected which was having a knock on effect to other areas of my training… Thanks to Daniel I now feel light on my feet again.

    Patient & Exercise Professional
  • Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Ann-Marie for everything you have done for my daughter. You went above and beyond with your help and aftercare. Amazing service and the understanding and lengths you went to to help us were very much appreciated. We are so glad we came to you.

    Mrs S
  • 1 1/2weeks with almost no pain (till i went running). I didn’t have this feeling for over 10 years. For me it was a great thing, to feel how it could be. I almost forgot how it is without pain. That’s why I’m so thankful you were there and made a really great job.

    Swiss Competitor from the European Lifesaving Championship 2015
  • Port Talbot, and surrounding area folk. If you need Chiropractic help, please look no further than Beaches Chiropractic. I refer my clients to no one else. A great clinic and a superb team.

    Patient & Exercise Professional
  • Sorted my sons back out a few years ago, Ann-Marie was the only professional who identified one leg was longer than the other, due to him growing. Gave advice and treatment, he is now playing for Saint Helens RFL Academy team. Fantastic Chiropractor.

  • I would just like to thank Beaches Chiropractic who are not only professional but so friendly and welcoming. I have suffered with minor back problems for years but recently found myself I such agony that I didn’t know what I was going to do. Thanks to Ann Marie I am now on the mend & so grateful for all her help & support.

  • Top of the class by far. The best I have come across to date. Thank you for the opportunities you have offered me again as 8 years ago I was struggling to do anything at all due to my back.