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Ann-Marie Keogh

BSc Chiro, D.C, MRCC

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Ann-Marie Graduated with First Class Honours from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of Glamorgan in 2002 and founded Beaches Chiropractic the following year. Previously Ann-Marie worked as a Staff Nurse specialising in Accident & Emergency and Orthopaedics, giving her over 30 years experience in healthcare. The combination of her specialist chiropractic skills and grounding in healthcare gives Ann-Marie an advantage when assessing her patients.


Functional Movement is a particular area of interest for Ann-Marie she is certified in FMS and SFMA and is a level 1 movement coach. By assessing functional movement Ann-Marie is able to detect areas of muscular imbalance associated with longstanding problems brought on by compensation related to injury or poor movement habits and can work as a predictor of future injury.

Ann-Marie’s many qualifications include western acupuncture also known as dry needling, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) and Kiniesiotaping amongst others.


On a number of occasions our chiropractors have been approached to provided chiropractic cover at national and international sporting events. Amongst the events Ann-Marie has attended are Britain’s Natural Strongest Man Final 2014 & 2015, and the European Lifesaving Championships 2015 to name a few.


Ann-Marie is also registered as a trainer with the RCC and mentors newly qualified chiropractors.

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