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Move Well, Move Often.

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that specialises in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions that arise from mechanical dysfunction of muscles and joints and their associated effects on the nervous system, which can cause significant pain and problems with how we move. We have seen and helped thousands of people over the years. By listening to you and carrying out a thorough examination it will help us arrive at the correct diagnosis, which allows us to proceed with a tailor-made treatment plan to suit your needs, this is with the expectation of providing long-lasting solutions to your problems.


As Chiropractor,s we are best known for treating problems with the neck and back, but people will often consult us for a range of other associated conditions such as arm and leg pain and problems with posture and gait. Our chiropractors are highly skilled at identifying restrictions in the way the joints in your spine and limbs move and will use precise and gentle adjustments and movements to free these restrictions.

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