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Initial Chiropractic Consultation

This 60-minute appointment will include a full thorough case history, complete orthopaedic and neurological examination as well as a full explanation of diagnosis and treatment is also included if appropriate.

Follow Up Chiropractic Treatment

20-30-minute follow up appointment consisting of a reassessment and further chiropractic care.

Diagnostic Ultrasound (US) Scan

This 60-minute appointment consists of a thorough history of your complaint as well as an US of the affected area. Following the scan, your referring clinician and/or GP will be provided with a written report of our findings

Initial Shockwave Consultation

This 60-minute consultation is for patient undertaking Shockwave Therapy with us for the first time. This is appropriate if you have already confirmed your diagnosis with a ultrasound or MRI scan.

Follow Up Shockwave Treatment

30-minute appointment where we will carry out further assessment and treatment of the affected area using Shockwave Therapy. ​It is recommended that you should have between 3-6 weekly sessions.

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Initial Shockwave Consultation With US Scan

This 1-hour appointment aims to diagnose your tendon injury and commence Shockwave Therapy on the same day. This speeds up the entire process for you.

Initial Massage Therapy

This 60-minute consultation is for a patient undertaking massage therapy for the first time at Beaches Chiropractic. This includes the massage therapist taking a thorough case history and treatment Included.

Follow Up Massage Therapy Treatment

60-Minute follow up massage treatment focusing on addressing the underlying soft tissue dysfunctions that may be affecting pain and the way you move. 

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